• Readily Accessible and Responsive – You can count on me to be responsive to your needs for prompt, courteous and knowledgeable “hands-on” service. I am available to respond to your questions, address your concerns and assess your goals and prospects 7 days a week. I return phone calls, emails and texts promptly.

• Regularly keep you apprised of progress- I commit to making your purchase or sale as effortless for you as possible by scheduling necessary activities with forethought, expeditiously dispensing with potential snags when unavoidable, and keeping you informed in a timely fashion every step of the way.

• Setting realistic expectations up front- I take the time to listen to you and work collaboratively to develop a plan of action to achieve realistic goals. I involve you in the process at every turn so that as a team we all know what our objectives are and how to track and measure our success.

• Provide a thorough evaluation – I will assist you in assessing the value of an offer by comprehensively comparing and contrasting the amenities of the subject property with those of recent area listings and sales, while accounting for the influence of prevailing mortgage interest rates and real estate market trends.

• Thoughtful execution of knowledge, experience and research- With 17 years experience in the real estate & title and escrow field as well as 3 years as a Medford Planning Commissioner, I can properly assist you with the zoning, easement, appraisal, boundary, inspection, well, septic, irrigation and water rights issues that influence a purchase or sale.

• Advocating for you. As your advocate, I will act in your interests – fully revealing both the positive and negative attributes of a property or an offer – so that you can make the best decision that is right for YOU.